Various Logos

A collection of logos going as far back as college.

Logo for a local high-end restaurant in the Paseo Arts District.
Logo for a community built for and run by adults with special needs.
Logo for a local acoustic music festival held lakeside at Lake Arcadia.
Logo for a local high-end Realtor.
Logo for a local artistic community featuring open galleries, restaurants, bars and music venues.
Logo for a regional furniture company.
Logo for a local non-profit organization that promotes character and good citizenship.

Logo for a Cox Communications local "green" initiative.
Logo for a local restaurant near the University of Central Oklahoma campus.

Logo for a local non-profit organization created, funded and operated by Cox Communications.

Logo for a local public relations firm owned by Kym Koch.

Logo for a local business that picks up and delivers locally grown foods using a truck that runs on vegetable oil.
Logo for a construction fastener manufacturing and supply company.
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